Why I Started Sanskriti Box

I wouldn’t be the first person you think of when looking for an authority on Indian culture.  Actually, I wouldn’t be the last either.  I was born and raised in the Chicago Burbs from immigrant parents.  By the time I was born, they had already lived here for over 10 years.  They had the best … Continue reading Why I Started Sanskriti Box


Private vs Public Schools

“How many kids are in her class” “How much homework does he get every night?” “How much is tuition?  Per child?!?!” Education is #1.  It always has been and always will be.  Not only is it important to me, my religion (Arya Samaj- a type of Hinduism) revolves around it.  Your education is one thing that can … Continue reading Private vs Public Schools


10+ Tips for Vacationing with Kids

Going on a vacation with your kids can be stressful, or maybe not even feel like a vacation at all.  Follow these tips to make your next family trip as stress free as possible. Global Entry/ TSA Precheck – With TSA Precheck, children under the age of 12 are able to go through with adults that … Continue reading 10+ Tips for Vacationing with Kids


Me Versus the Chapati

In millions of Indian homes around the globe for many centuries, chapatis are made on a daily basis and are a staple of their diet.  In more traditional times, it was common for a bride to be judged by her new family by her ability to make them round and soft.  In my husbands family, most … Continue reading Me Versus the Chapati


5 Must Have Parent Apps

Life is all about technologies these days.  Having an iPhone for texting and pictures is awesome but there is so much more apps can do.  As a busy tech mom, with busy active kids, here are the apps that I have used to make my life easier.  Especially as my kids have gotten older, the amount … Continue reading 5 Must Have Parent Apps


Voice Controlled Home Automation (Video included)

Although I have tons of interests, I am a tech geek at heart.  I love playing with new gadgets to see how they can make our lives “easier”.   After combining several gadgets together, some DIY electrical work, and configuration settings, we were able to make our house do some cool tricks just with the sound … Continue reading Voice Controlled Home Automation (Video included)


Pineapple Papdi Chaat

Have you ever witnessed someone try Indian Food for the first time?  Their first bite is the most entertaining as most dishes pack a powerful variety of spices.  One thing that keeps Indian Food my favorite genre is that there are always new and exciting dishes to try.  My mom and brother were in Paris … Continue reading Pineapple Papdi Chaat


Gun Control is Everyone’s Problem

“Lanza then entered a first-grade classroom where Lauren Rousseau, a substitute teacher, had herded her first grade students to the back of the room, and was trying to hide them in a bathroom, when Lanza forced his way into the classroom.Rousseau, Rachel D’Avino (a behavioral therapist who had been employed for a week at the … Continue reading Gun Control is Everyone’s Problem


How to Share Christmas Wishlists

Everyone knows that my girls are into crafts.  They have been for years.  That means that for years, our family has gifted every single type of craft kit available.  Many times a 3rd or 4th of the same type of kit.  My girls LOVE them.  The problem is now we have so many kits that we … Continue reading How to Share Christmas Wishlists


How the Elf Creates Christmas Doubters

Tomorrow is December 1st.  The official day that the elf arrives from the North Pole.  I am all for Christmas spirit but things have gotten severely out of hand with the “Elf on the Shelf”.  Not only is it a major pain to be trying to figure out new places to move it to every … Continue reading How the Elf Creates Christmas Doubters