7 Reasons Why Vacation Isn’t A Vacation for a Mom

I really don’t look forward to going on vacation.  I say this realizing I sound ungrateful of the fact that we are even able to take the family on vacation.   Family time  and not having to work is great.  However it is extremely stressful for a mom going with her kids.  There was an article recently posted about whether you are going on a “Vacation or a Trip”.  Based on their definition, I haven’t had a vacation in about 3 years!  Here are the reasons why going on vacation totally stresses me out.

  1.  Shopping – Generally I love shopping but shopping on a deadline is not as fun.  Not to mention trying on swimsuits!  Typically, we go somewhere warm when it is cold where we live.  That means I have to pack for a different season then we are currently in.   Then it will be a few months before you can even wear them again.
  2. Packing – As a mom, you not only have to pack for yourself but make sure you have everything for your munchkins too.  I know some people who go pretty crazy with this.  My sister law starts packing weeks in advance.  Just so she has plenty of time to sort things out if she needs to.  A family of 5 packed 9 large suitcases for a 5 day trip.  You can never be too prepared!
  3. Traveling – Whether by plane, train or automobile, it stinks.  I am not like the mom who made little treat packs and offered ear bud when taking her little ones on their first plane ride.  I am sure the people around me wish I was though.
  4. Sleep Schedule – Unless you want to head back to your room for naps, which can be really boring for older children, your little ones nap schedule is going to be completely off.  If you are all in the same room, they probably will be getting very little sleep so that means you have a cranky pants for the remainder of the trip.
    Napping in the Stroller
    Napping in the Stroller
  5. Life Goes On – It’s hard to believe but life does go on even when you are away.  For me, that pain is work.  When I am about to go on vacation, everyone wants to try to get stuff done before I am out.  When I am out of the office, I worry about all of the stuff that needs to be addressed when I get back.
  6. 24-7 with Kids – The kids don’t go to school, daycare or a babysitter.  They are with me 24-7.  There is no break from “MOM!!!  MOM!!!  MOOOOOOMMM!!!!”
    On the Beach
    Stuck to my Hip Even on the Beach
  7. Away from “home” all day –  When you are on vacation, you are typically away from your room all day.  At home, everything is at your finger tips.  On vacation you have to lug around a day’s worth of supplies where ever you go.
Me taking pictures
Photographing Memories on the Beach

At the end of the day, I love my kids and all the baggage they bring with them.  Being able to give them undivided attention during this vacation is a gift, just an exhausting one.  It is similar to when people tell you they love running.  Even though they are tired at the end, they enjoyed it.  So don’t fret, we will continue to go on these vacations, just don’t expect us to be fully rested when we get home.

Enjoying a Mocktail

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