Over everything else, family is the most important thing to me in the world.  I come from a family with 4 kids, and knew I always a large family.  My husband Anjay and I have been married for 12 years with our 3 beautiful kids.  Since none of the kids came with a users manual, I struggle with everyone else to get it right.  At the end of the day, if my intention is to raise educated, respectful members of the community, we can’t be doing it too wrong, can we?

Private vs Public Schools

“How many kids are in her class” “How much homework does he get every night?” “How much is tuition?  Per child?!?!” Education is #1.  It always has been and always will be.  Not only is it important to me, my religion (Arya Samaj- a type of Hinduism) revolves around it.  Your education is one thing that can … Continue reading Private vs Public Schools


5 Must Have Parent Apps

Life is all about technologies these days.  Having an iPhone for texting and pictures is awesome but there is so much more apps can do.  As a busy tech mom, with busy active kids, here are the apps that I have used to make my life easier.  Especially as my kids have gotten older, the amount … Continue reading 5 Must Have Parent Apps


How to Share Christmas Wishlists

Everyone knows that my girls are into crafts.  They have been for years.  That means that for years, our family has gifted every single type of craft kit available.  Many times a 3rd or 4th of the same type of kit.  My girls LOVE them.  The problem is now we have so many kits that we … Continue reading How to Share Christmas Wishlists


Dads are from Mars, Moms are from Venus

We have all heard that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus when it comes to relationships.  How about when it comes to parenting? Getting a Haircut Mom: I am going to schedule a hair appointment at 6, will you be able to watch the kids today? Mom:  Where have you been? I was … Continue reading Dads are from Mars, Moms are from Venus


Celebrating Diwali with Kids

Today is India’s biggest and brightest holiday, Diwali, the festival of lights.  Diwali is a 5 day holiday celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists.  The holiday represents the spiritual triumph of good over evil.  Historically, Diwali also represents the start of a new year.  There are several simple ways to celebrate with your family here in the … Continue reading Celebrating Diwali with Kids


Opposite of Redshirting

In my town, there is a lot of conversation regarding holding kids back for Kindergarten. Specifically those who are born near the cutoff of September 1st and even well earlier in the summer. Redshirting is the practice of postponing entrance into kindergarten of age-eligible children in order to allow extra time for socioemotional, intellectual, or … Continue reading Opposite of Redshirting


Young Entrepreneurs – Rani’s Treasures

My daughters have been begging me for years to let them sell something.  They enjoyed reading the book, The Lemonade War, and loved the idea of opening up their own stand.  We live on a tucked away cul-de-sac so waiting on foot traffic seemed pointless.  Then they learned how to make rainbow loom bands, along with … Continue reading Young Entrepreneurs – Rani’s Treasures


Definition of Success

I remember having a conversation with a friend in college about success.  Having to live on a budget was not something I had to deal with back then.  Although he was  younger than I was, he seemed more financially aware  because I had never payed for anything on my own, ever.  So I asked, “how much money … Continue reading Definition of Success


10 Steps to Hosting a Sleepover Birthday Party

My baby girl turned 9 yesterday.  While I try not to spoil her, I also would do anything to make her happy.  For my oldest daughter, Avani, it is actually easy because she is an EXACT copy of me.  From our looks to our personality/interests and everything in between.  Good and bad, she is my … Continue reading 10 Steps to Hosting a Sleepover Birthday Party


Minkey – Product Review

Last soccer season during a few games, we had some bitter cold weather.  While I had blankets and gloves to try to keep my baby boy warm, try as I may I could not keep his hands covered.  He would toss everything off and hate to have the blanket on top of his hands.  His … Continue reading Minkey – Product Review

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Why I Need to Stop Pushing My Kids

This past year, both of my girls found a spot at the local competitive travel soccer club.  To be honest, were weren’t going to even try out.  Then after talking with several parents, we understood that if they do end up playing seriously long term, the earlier they had started, they better off they would be.  Also, … Continue reading Why I Need to Stop Pushing My Kids


Raksha Bandhan

On Saturday, August 29th, my children celebrated Raksha Bandhan.  Also known as Rakhi, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated across India honoring one of the longest relationships in your entire life; the relationship between a brother and a sister.  This tradition dates back to mythological times and I have enjoyed celebrating every year since the day my … Continue reading Raksha Bandhan


Back to School Classroom Assignments

Our elementary school releases it’s class lists in the very last days before school starts.  It is a day that everyone looks forward to so they can find out who their teacher is and most importantly who else is in their class. This year both my daughters were so disappointed to find out that neither … Continue reading Back to School Classroom Assignments

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My Motivation for Losing Weight

It is no secret that there have been periods in my life where I struggled with my weight.  I wish it was a secret.  I debated even writing this post.  My daughter said, “You are putting that in your blog!??!  You are not supposed to talk about your weight with other people”.  I wish there … Continue reading My Motivation for Losing Weight


Whip Nae Nae

Why is this song so popular?  I have no idea but I love it.  There was the original. Then there is the pregnant mom and daughter combo who have so much spunk.  They have over 33 million views and had become sensations over night.  This girl is absolutely adorable. And several grandmas doing it.  But by far, … Continue reading Whip Nae Nae


I am Not Lucky to Have Good Kids

My kids are pretty awesome.  I am very proud to say that I receive compliments on their behalf on a regular basis.   Like from the prison guard who tracked me down in the grocery store to tell me how impressed he was in the parking lot (a little weird really).  Or the mom who was … Continue reading I am Not Lucky to Have Good Kids


7 Reasons Why Vacation Isn’t A Vacation for a Mom

I really don’t look forward to going on vacation.  I say this realizing I sound ungrateful of the fact that we are even able to take the family on vacation.   Family time  and not having to work is great.  However it is extremely stressful for a mom going with her kids.  There was an article … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why Vacation Isn’t A Vacation for a Mom


Donating Goody Bag Budget

Goody Bags have been taken to a whole new level, especially in our community.  Some of the most extravagant goody bags have included books, stuffed animals, sports bags, etc.  I have spent countless hours ordering supplies and putting goody bags together.  For my kids first few birthday parties, I even went as far as personalizing … Continue reading Donating Goody Bag Budget


Turn iPhone into Personal Hotspot

Have you seen this commercial where the group of kids get into the Chevy Malibu and are able to play on their devices due to the built in WiFi?  While I am not a fan of having devices raise my children, I am absolutely all for them when it comes to long distance travel. We … Continue reading Turn iPhone into Personal Hotspot


Back Up Your Photos to “The Cloud”

On July 4, 1998 my parents’ house burned down.  I drove home with my friend to a huge, beautiful, pink, and orange cloud in the sky. I only realized it’s source as I drove closer.  Luckily my family all made it out safe but whatever didn’t burn was lost to soot and water damage.  The … Continue reading Back Up Your Photos to “The Cloud”


Synchronized Play Dates

I am determined that they are going to be best friends as they grow up. However right now the fighting is non-stop.  Who gets to use the pink duct tape.  Who gets to sit by Nana.  Who gets to use the bathroom first. No topic is unworthy of a brawl. The newest argument is about who gets … Continue reading Synchronized Play Dates


Show Your Husband You Love Him

Recently, I was out on a girl’s night with my husband’s sisters and cousins in Atlanta.  I told them a joke that I tell my girls all the time.  In the beginning, mommy’s heart belonged completely to Daddy, 100%.  Then when my oldest Avani was born, she instantly captured my whole heart.  When Aria came along … Continue reading Show Your Husband You Love Him


Trials and Tribulations of a Picky Eater

5:00pm – I finish up work and often it is just me and the little ones. 5:30pm – Time to start putting dinner on the table.  I have always believed in eating dinner together as a family, around the table with no distractions.  I do believe it is one of the most important things you can do … Continue reading Trials and Tribulations of a Picky Eater


How to Throw a Block Party

When I was searching for a new home to move my family into, I knew that I wanted to buy a house in a neighborhood with lots of children nearby for my kids to play with.  To get a better feel for the neighborhood, we went to a park near a house we were interested in and asked the parents … Continue reading How to Throw a Block Party

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Lifestyle vs Niche Blogging

After being inspired by my brother to start blogging more, I decided that if I was going to dedicate time to it, I might as well do it properly.  While persuaded to pick a single theme to post about, there is way more to know about me than just my passion for interior design.  I also enjoy … Continue reading Lifestyle vs Niche Blogging


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