I have never been a good cook but for the love of my husband and family I am willing to try.  Follow me, a complete novice, try out new recipes including Indian meals and see which ones are easy to follow and turn out fantastic. There are also plenty that go straight to the garbage disposal!

Me Versus the Chapati

In millions of Indian homes around the globe for many centuries, chapatis are made on a daily basis and are a staple of their diet.  In more traditional times, it was common for a bride to be judged by her new family by her ability to make them round and soft.  In my husbands family, most … Continue reading Me Versus the Chapati


Pineapple Papdi Chaat

Have you ever witnessed someone try Indian Food for the first time?  Their first bite is the most entertaining as most dishes pack a powerful variety of spices.  One thing that keeps Indian Food my favorite genre is that there are always new and exciting dishes to try.  My mom and brother were in Paris … Continue reading Pineapple Papdi Chaat


10 Steps to Hosting a Sleepover Birthday Party

My baby girl turned 9 yesterday.  While I try not to spoil her, I also would do anything to make her happy.  For my oldest daughter, Avani, it is actually easy because she is an EXACT copy of me.  From our looks to our personality/interests and everything in between.  Good and bad, she is my … Continue reading 10 Steps to Hosting a Sleepover Birthday Party


California Turkey Flat from Potbelly’s on Weight Watchers

After 3 weeks using the old Weight Watchers system, I am down 7 lbs!  It is just a tad slower than the last time I was on the program and lost a total of 77 lbs.  It’s not too bad considering I am starting off lighter and I am now in my 30s.  I have  been … Continue reading California Turkey Flat from Potbelly’s on Weight Watchers


How to Lose Weight with Old WW Program

In recent years, Weight Watchers revamped their program with PointsPlus.  While I am sure there was years worth of science behind it, I wonder how much had to do with carbs getting a bad rep?   The biggest benefit to the old plan was that you could look at a nutrition label and get a basic … Continue reading How to Lose Weight with Old WW Program


My Motivation for Losing Weight

It is no secret that there have been periods in my life where I struggled with my weight.  I wish it was a secret.  I debated even writing this post.  My daughter said, “You are putting that in your blog!??!  You are not supposed to talk about your weight with other people”.  I wish there … Continue reading My Motivation for Losing Weight


Zucchini Mini Muffins

Aria is definitely my most difficult eater and she loves to pick out all the vegetables that she can see in her food.  Since Anjay was traveling last night, I decided to cater to the girls. I wanted them to get involved in the process of selection and also the cooking.  I decided on following … Continue reading Zucchini Mini Muffins


I Want My Baby Back Baby Back Ribs

I have fond memories of going to Chili’s as a kid with my family and LOVING the baby back ribs.  I never thought I, someone who hardly knows how to turn on the oven, would be attempting to make them.  Surprisingly they are really easy. When I figured out that I wanted to start cooking, … Continue reading I Want My Baby Back Baby Back Ribs


Trials and Tribulations of a Picky Eater

5:00pm – I finish up work and often it is just me and the little ones. 5:30pm – Time to start putting dinner on the table.  I have always believed in eating dinner together as a family, around the table with no distractions.  I do believe it is one of the most important things you can do … Continue reading Trials and Tribulations of a Picky Eater


Haldi Shot – Natural Remedy for Colds and Sore Throat

Last week, right before I threw my annual block party I started to get that itchy feeling in my throat.  I knew what was coming.  My eyes started to feel heavy, my head felt congested and my nose was tingling.  It was the last thing I needed before throwing a party.  I knew I needed to … Continue reading Haldi Shot – Natural Remedy for Colds and Sore Throat


Lifestyle vs Niche Blogging

After being inspired by my brother to start blogging more, I decided that if I was going to dedicate time to it, I might as well do it properly.  While persuaded to pick a single theme to post about, there is way more to know about me than just my passion for interior design.  I also enjoy … Continue reading Lifestyle vs Niche Blogging


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