How to Share Christmas Wishlists

Everyone knows that my girls are into crafts.  They have been for years.  That means that for years, our family has gifted every single type of craft kit available.  Many times a 3rd or 4th of the same type of kit.  My girls LOVE them.  The problem is now we have so many kits that we still have not had a chance to complete, that we have completely run out of storage room.

In order to avoid trying to find more room in the house to store all their thoughtful kits I create an amazon wish list.  I have trouble coming up with enough unique ideas to give a couple to each family member so this way I don’t have to and still avoid duplicates.  If the item is not on amazon (or you found it cheaper somewhere else), you can easily add items from other websites to the list as well.  You can even add ideas but let family shop for it themselves.

Watch this video to learn how to:

  1. Create a New Wish List
  2. Add Amazon Items to the List
  3. Add Ideas to the List
  4. Add the “Add Item to List” button (I am using IE 10 in the example)
  5. Add an Item from Another Site
  6. Share the list (I copy the link)
  7. How your friends and family mark items bought for other websites.

Happy Shopping!

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