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  1. I read only one article and subscribed to your blog..I think you deserve it.. Many more to read..thanks for your knowledge sharing and it’s really helpful.. ( Fyi I read public vs private school article )

    1. Thanks Shalini! I appreciate the support. if there are any other topics you would like to hear about, please let me know.

      1. Hey Anjali.. Thanks for asking me for a suggestion. I am a first time mom to 5 month old baby girl. i work with a big client which makes me busy almost everyday and some times travel. As i am from India and not have enough knowledge about american baby foods and feeding schedules , i love to hear about from you about the solids available in the markets for babies..Because of my busy schedule i definitely don’t have any time to prepare food at home like other moms. i did google alot and went to baby food section in stores but because of lack of time i couldn’t able to find lot options and was confused which foods to give at different age..I don’t want to make my baby food with lack of protein because of my busy life. I really appreciate if you can guide me with this information. I am confident that you have more knowledge because of your experience as a mother and i couldn’t say enough thanks to you if you help me with this – Thanks

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