5 Must Have Parent Apps

Life is all about technologies these days.  Having an iPhone for texting and pictures is awesome but there is so much more apps can do.  As a busy tech mom, with busy active kids, here are the apps that I have used to make my life easier.  Especially as my kids have gotten older, the amount of activities/practices have grown exponentially and I need something to keep my head on straight!

#1 – Cozi – Family Organizer  – Free   We have tried it all.  No calendars – my husbands asks me 10 times what we are doing this weekend.  White board calendars – Duplicating data in 2 places.  Google Calendars – Not adding events so calendar isn’t up to date.  Introduce Cozi.  Cozi is almost perfect.  Why I love it?  I can add iCals from other sources (school, soccer) and it automatically updates my calendar.  Each member of my family has it own color and can easily take a look at their calendar for the week with a shared password.  Added bonus of synced grocery lists.  All of this on the free app.  Definitely a must have.

#2 – Baby Connect – Activity Logger

 Especially when I had a newborn, leaving my baby with anyone gave me anxiety.  Is he getting enough to eat?  Is he sleeping?  How much did he drink?  In order for me to breathe a little easier, I had my nanny log his activity in the app which would automatically synchronize with mine.  Not only did I know what my baby was doing, but also gave me the added bonus to look at history if needed.

#3 – Baby Monitor for IP Camera

 If you add the word baby to any product, you can mark up the price 2x.  Some of the top baby monitors can be upwards of $200+.  Regular IP Cameras (cameras that connect to your home wifi) cost half the price and allow you to use any smart device/PC to view even when you aren’t home.  This app is a nice add on because you can set limits to what noise level it should turn on for and give extra notifications when needed.  You can also add more cameras as need if you want to add one to the playroom too!  Easily converted to a security camera when no longer needed.

#4 –  Carpool Kids

 As the amount of activities/practices are increasing , so do my driving responsibilities.  It took me a while to figure out what a godsend carpooling is but once you realize that for 5 extra minutes of getting to other kids houses, only having to drive a portion of the time is AMAZING!  Carpool Kids makes organizing the process much easier.  You simply put in all the riders and dates, and when you can drive plug yourself in so you aren’t trying to remember last minute who drove last week.

#5 – Bank of Mom of Dad

 I highly believe in  teaching kids financial responsibility.  My kids perform chores to earn their allowance but I never have enough cash on hand.  When they do finally get the cash, they rarely remember to bring it with them when heading to the mall.  Bank of Mom provides a way to track their allowance along with the expenditures easily.


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